Flat Roofs in Scotland? You no longer need to be afraid.

Flat roofs have been installed all over the world and from country to country and trades person to trades person, there are many varieties of preference for materials used. In warmer climates, where there is less rainfall and freezing is unlikely to occur, many flat roofs are simply built of masonry or concrete and this is good at keeping out the heat of the sun and these are cheap and easy to build. In areas where the roof could become saturated by rain and leak ie Scotland, historically this style of roof has not really been suitable although widely constructed.

In Glasgow now, builders and trades people are more confident to install this style of roof because of the new technologies and guarantees on products.

Liquid waterproofing coating system area a modern solution for flat roofing and detailing work to provide a seamless waterproofing covering. Liquid coatings are perfect for difficult areas of detailing due to their specialist and unique application process, other benefits of liquid coatings are they can be applied to most substrates and surfaces and can be used in new work, renovation, overlays and repairs.

At Burns Joinery and Roofing, Glasgow, our Liquid coating systems come with warranties ranging for 10 to 20 years which gives our customers complete peace of mind.

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